Frequently Asked Questions
The ARES Solution Sleep Apnea Testing Device

Frequently Asked Questions
The ARES Solution Sleep Apnea Testing Device
General FAQ’s
Which Home Sleep Testing Device do you use?
We use the Watermark Medical ARES device. The Watermark Medical ARES device is an FDA-cleared device which is easy to use and has a long, successful clinical history in the sleep space.
Why are there so many questions on the risk assessment and check out process?
The risk assessment is necessary to determine your risk of having a sleep disorder. The information is also used as a medical history for the Sleep Specialist who will interpret your home sleep study.
Can I pay with my FSA or HSA card?
Yes as long as it is one of the supported credit cards.
Who is PWNHealth?
PWNHealth is an independent physician network who will act as the virtual ordering physician for your home sleep test.
Is a prescription required for a Home Sleep Test?
Yes. Like most all qualifying home sleep testing devices, the ARES is a medical device and requires a prescription for use. You may find irreputable on-line retailers selling sleep tests without a prescription which may violate state or local laws and make it difficult for you to receive appropriate treatment if required.
Do you take insurance?
At this time we cannot bill your insurance. You can however use your HSA or FSA credit card, or other listed payment method available at the time of placing your order.
What happens after I submit my order?
Once your order has been successfully submitted, your information will be sent to PWNHealth for review by a licensed physician. If your shipping address is located in one of the following states (AR, AZ, DE, GA, ID, LA, MD, MN, MS, NH, NJ, NM, OK, VT, WV), a physician from PWNHealth will attempt to contact you at the phone number you provide. Once the PWNHealth Physician has reviewed your information they will issue a prescription for the Home Sleep Study. A Watermark Medical representative will contact you directly to review the testing process and schedule your device shipment.
What if I have questions for the authorizing physician network?
You can contact PWNHealth at (888) 514-7199 between 9 AM – 5:30 PM EST.
What determines if I’m a candidate for home sleep testing or not?
The sleep assessment helps determine if you’re at risk and eligible for a home sleep test. Certain comorbidities or other clinical responses can rule you out as a candidate; i.e.- if you are pregnant, or have a brain or spinal injury, or have been diagnosed with a respiratory disease like COPD, etc. These and/or other pre-existing conditions may rule you out as a candidate for our home sleep test solution.
Where can I learn more about sleep apnea?
Follow this link to learn more about sleep apnea and other health concerns, symptoms and treatments related to sleep apnea. What is Sleep Apnea?
How do you treat obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)?
Various treatments exist for OSA. Which you choose is based on several factors like; your specific sleep disorder, level of severity and whether you have additional clinical conditions to consider. Treatment options include CPAP/APAP, oral appliance, positional therapy and others. Both PAPs and oral appliances have several sub-options/alternatives to customize treatment based on decisions made by you and your treating clinician.
About the Test
How will I receive/return my sleep study kit?
Your sleep study kit will be shipped using USPS, who can deliver to your residence or a P.O. Box if necessary. It’s small enough to fit inside most standard mail receptacles.

Each testing kit includes a prepaid USPS envelope to return the device. It can be picked up during your daily home mail delivery or dropped off at any USPS shipping location.

Do I need to sleep on my back?
No. You can sleep in the position most comfortable for you.
How many nights do I sleep with the device?
Only one night of testing is required. However, we have found it best to sleep with the device for 2 nights. This allows us to ensure we get enough valid data for a diagnosis as studies have shown there can be night to night variability with sleep apnea. With multiple nights of recorded data we can do a weighted average of the results over all nights for a reliable overall diagnosis.
What materials/assistance will I be given to help me with the sleep study?
You will be provided specific information during the scheduling phone call.

The sleep study kit will have a step-by-step pamphlet.

A delivery confirmation email will contain the link to our ARES Patient Use tutorial video.

24hr technical support with a live representative will also be available.

How many hours do I need to sleep with the device on a given night?
We suggest you sleep with the device for 6 to 7 hours. The ARES device is configured to turn off automatically 7 hours after being turned on.
How do I get my sleep test results?
Once the device is returned back in the prepaid USPS envelope, the data will be processed and interpreted by a boarded sleep physician. We will then contact you via email, usually within 1 to 2 business days of receiving the device, with instructions on how to retrieve your results.
What do I do when I receive my results?
Your final sleep study report will include a summary of your results (page 1). Review this page and your results to determine your next steps. If PAP(positive airway pressure device) treatment was recommended by the sleep doctor, you will have a prescription(last page) included with your results.
How do I use the ARES home sleep device?
The device will arrive fully assembled with sufficient battery charge. You will wear the device on your head (like a visor or hat), with the main part of the device positioned on your forehead It will be worn for 1 or more nights while you sleep. Further instruction and training will be provided by Watermark Medical at the time we call to schedule your device shipment.
Device Information
How do I turn the device ON?
To turn ON: Push and hold the power button for 2 seconds. You will hear the following audio prompt: “Unicorder has been turned ON. Lie on your back, look at the ceiling and do not move. (Pause for 10 seconds) Initialization successful. You can now go to sleep.”
Can I stop the recording?
Yes. To turn OFF: Push and hold the power button for 3 seconds. You will hear the following audio prompt: ”Unicorder has been turned OFF.”

Recording does not need to pause or be stopped for brief out of bed activities such as using the restroom or rehydrating. Just leave the device on your head.

Data recorded will not be deleted if the device is turned OFF.

Should I turn the device OFF in the morning?
Yes. If the device has not automatically been turned OFF. To turn OFF: Push and hold the power button for 3 seconds. You will hear the following audio prompt: “Unicorder has been turned OFF.”
What happens if the device alarms during the night and will not stop?
The device has voice prompts to describe the suspected issue and steps to resolve it.

If the prompt does not stop after you follow its instruction, first try turning the device OFF by pushing and holding the power button for 3 seconds, wait about 20 seconds and turn it ON again.

If turning the device OFF/ON does not resolve the issue please reference the information shipped with your device. If you continue to have problems you can contact our 24hr technical support line at 866-875-9765. If it is the middle of the night it is fine to turn off the device and wait and contact the support team the next day.

Can the ARES device get wet?
No, the ARES device is not waterproof or water resistant. Please do not expose the device to ANY environment where it may become wet.
What should I do if I need to get up during the night?
We recommend you keep the device on your head for the duration of the night. If you are getting out of bed temporarily (bathroom, etc.) we recommend the device power be left on as well. If you are getting out of bed for an extended period of time you can turn the device off and then restart the study when you return to bed.
Why was the device OFF when I woke up?
The ARES device is automatically configured to stop recording 7 hours after it was turned ON.
What happens if the device comes off during the night?
The device has voice prompts to assist you during the testing process. If the device falls off or becomes repositioned, a voice prompt will sound letting you know what to do next. The prompt will continue to play until the issue is resolved.
Why do I have extra materials in the sleep study kit?
The extra sensors are provided in the event you need to sleep an extra night(s) and need to replace the sensor(s)