The ARES Solution

The ARES Solution | Home Apnea Sleep Test

The ARES Solution
Putting Your Sleep to the Test

The ARES™ Home Sleep Test (HST) Solution is an FDA-cleared, user-friendly medical device used to diagnose sleep apnea. The ARES is not only the most accurate HST on the market but also the most comfortable, making for a less intrusive, more natural sleep/study experience.

The device measures
Oxygen Saturation and Airflow
Features and Benefits

Audio and visual indicators let patients know when the device needs adjustments

The most responsive data collectors in a single, small device

Up to 3 Nights of single patient testing capabilities

Collects nine channels of data for an in-depth clinical sleep analysis

Calibrated acoustic microphone allows for audio recording of snoring levels

Multi-axis accelerometers allow for head position analysis

With more data gathered, doctors are able to diagnosis patients sooner

Audio instruction during testing minimizes failure rate

Online platform provides easy access for patients and doctors to review test results and information

How The ARES At-Home Sleep Study Works

When you consider the inconvenience of doing an in-facility sleep study – sleeping in an unfamiliar room, monitored by strangers while you’re unconscious, and chained to monitors so that you can’t even get up to go to the bathroom! – doing an ARES at-home sleep study instead is just a no-brainer! The ARES at-home sleep test allows you to test for sleep apnea right in the comfort of your own home. Here’s how the ARES Solution works:

Step 1: Take the Quiz.

First, you’ll take our Sleep Apnea Assessment. Answering a few simple questions will let us know if you’re at risk for sleep apnea. After all, there’s no reason to purchase our sleep assessment if there isn’t a good chance you have sleep apnea!

Step 2: Purchase the ARES device.

If your assessment results show that you’re likely to have sleep apnea, you’ll purchase your ARES at-home sleep study on our website. Your assessment information will be reviewed by one of our PWNHealth sleep physicians, who will prescribe your ARES at-home sleep test. A prescription is necessary to obtain the ARES test, as it is a medical device. – Will insurance pay for my AREA at-home sleep test? – At this time, we do not take insurance. But you can pay for your ARES sleep test with your FSA or HSA account.

Step 3: Get the Call.

One of our representatives will contact you to go over the testing process and schedule the shipment of your ARES device.

Step 4: Check the Mail.
The ARES sleep test will be shipped directly to your home via USPS, along with a step-by-step instructions pamphlet. You’ll also receive an email with a tutorial video and the phone number of our 24-hour live support team. Your device will arrive fully assembled and fully charged. All you have to do is put it on. You’ll wear the ARES device the same way you’d wear a visor or baseball cap. Just slip it on and you’re ready to go.
Step 5: Wear Your ARES.
You’ll wear your ARES at-home sleep study device for one or two nights, 6-7 hours each night. Though only one night is required, we find that we get more comprehensive results when we can take an average of the data taken over two nights, so you get a more reliable diagnosis. – Do I need to sleep on my back to use the ARES device? No. You can sleep in any position that is comfortable for you. The ARES device is designed to work accurately and be comfortable in any position.
Step 6: Mail It Back.
Once you’ve slept in your ARES device for two nights, you’ll mail it back to us in the prepaid USPS envelope that was included in the original shipping package. You can either mail it from your home or drop it off at a USPS shipping location.
Step 7: Get Results.
When we get your device, the data collected by your ARES device will be processed and interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician. We will contact you within two business days with instructions on how to retrieve your results.
Step 8: Get Treatment.
Your results will tell you what treatment is appropriate for your sleep apnea. From lifestyle changes to sleep position adjustments and medical intervention, you’ll get physician-written sleep apnea treatment recommendations to help you finally overcome your sleep apnea. If your doctor recommends a CPAP machine, a prescription will be included in your results.
Why Do An At-Home Sleep Study?
An at-home sleep study like the ARES Solution offers incredible convenience, comfort, and accuracy for people who want to know once and for all if they are suffering from sleep apnea. Convenience – You can do the ARES at-home sleep study in the comfort of your own home, in your bed. Not only does this save you the hassle of packing up to spend the night (or nights!) somewhere else, but you also don’t have to arrange for overnight childcare or pet care. You can get up and get the kids off to school and yourself off to work as normal. An at-home sleep study is the least disruptive way to analyze your sleep patterns and get the diagnosis you need. Accuracy – Our ARES at-home sleep test is the most accurate home sleep study on the market. Our at-home sleep test is just as accurate as of the sleep facility studies at diagnosing sleep apnea. Cost – Our ARES Sleep Solution at-home sleep study is a fraction of the cost of a sleep center sleep study!
Am I a candidate for an at-home sleep study?
The ARES at-home sleep study is not right for everyone. People with certain conditions are not eligible for at-home sleep assessment, such as people who are pregnant, who have a brain and spinal injuries, or who have been diagnosed with a respiratory condition like COPD. If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for an at-home sleep study, take our sleep assessment now by clicking the button below.
Is the ARES Device Complicated to Use?
The ARES at-home sleep study device is so easy to use! Your device will arrive at your door fully charged. You’ll turn the device on by pressing and holding the power button for two seconds. The device is programmed to turn off automatically after seven hours. If you wake up before 7 hours, you can turn the device off by pressing and holding the power button again. You can leave it on to get up and go to the bathroom during the night. If the device falls off during the night, it will alert you with sound to put it back on. The ARES device was created to be the most accurate, easiest-to-use at-home sleep study on the market today, and it is!