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Putting Your Sleep to the Test

The ARESTM Home Sleep Test (HST) Solution is an FDA-cleared, user-friendly medical device used to diagnose sleep apnea. The ARES is not only the most accurate HST on the market but also the most comfortable, making for a less intrusive, more natural sleep/study experience.

The device measures

Oxygen saturation

Pulse rate

Sleep time

Physical movement



Sleep position

Features and Benefits

Audio and visual indicators let patients know when the device needs adjustments


The most responsive data collectors in a single, small device


Up to 3 Nights of single patient testing capabilities


Collects nine channels of data for an in-depth clinical sleep analysis

Calibrated acoustic microphone allows for audio recording of snoring levels


Multi-axis accelerometers allow for head position analysis


With more data gathered, doctors are able to diagnosis patients sooner


Audio instruction during testing minimizes failure rate


Online platform provides easy access for patients and doctors to review test results and information