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Snoring loud enough to wake others.
Frequently waking up or gasping for air
Constant daytime fatigue
Difficulty paying attention
Waking up with a dry mouth

Are you at risk of having Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?

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About 25 million Americans suffer from varying degrees of OSA

OSA can affect men and women of all ages, races, and lifestyles

1 in 4 middle-aged men has OSA

80% of people with moderate and severe OSA go undiagnosed

Quality Sleep is essential to Healthy Living

We all know it's important to sleep. But, even after decades of scientific study and research,why we need sleep is still not completely understood. What we know is this: consistent lack of sleep puts you at real risk for serious health issues, everything from depression, weakened immunity, and high-blood pressure, to type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Sleep isn't optional. It's a physiological necessity that provides our bodies and minds with the time necessary to recover from the stresses and strains - both mental and physical - of the world around us.

Don't cope with Sleep Apnea. LIVE with it!

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Once you receive your test results describing your risk of having OSA, you can begin to explore the appropriate treatments available to help you live with sleep apnea and improve your health.

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The ARES Sleep Apnea Test is Changing and Saving Lives

"I have used other devices in my previous doctor’s office and they are so hard to use. Patients love [the ARES], it’s easy to use, the results are so easy to read, their support team picks up the phone within a few minutes and are really great at helping and resolving issues quickly.”

Medical Professional

“Love seeing my results of how much REM sleep I got, how intense and loud my snoring was, how many times I tossed and turned during the night and the number of times I stopped breathing throughout the night and my oxygen saturation drop. It’s so interesting to learn all that about yourself.“


“As a board certified sleep physician who has a sleep lab, I find the ARES to be the closest to a lab sleep study in regards to accuracy and validity.”

Medical Professional